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Greece General Boating Information

Greece has an ideal climate for visitors to enjoy. It has hot and dry summers, mild winters and is sunny all year round. In most of the country, it seldom rains in the summer. The rainy season is usually November to February. During the summer months, remember the sun is fierce so carry sunburn cream and wear a wide brimmed hat.

There are plenty of leisure activities; from swimming and water sports to cultural pursuits such as visits to museums and archaeological sites, monasteries, libraries and art galleries custom made wedding dresses.

The Aegean boasts three major island groups: the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the islands of the Northeast, each with its own particular physiognomy, history and ball bridal wedding gowns architecture.

An essential element of the Greek tourism product peculiarity is the island phenomenon . A total of 227 inhabited islands (of which 164 are washed by the Aegean Sea) are part of the Greek territory. Still, only 78 islands have more than 100 inhabitants.

The coastline's length is 15,000 km in total (of which about half is the coastline of islands) where there are sandy beaches, sandy strands, dunes, craggy coasts, onshore wetlands, lagoons, morasses, periodically flooded areas, salty fields, shallow brackish waters etc.


Modern Greek is the national language, although English and French are spoken widely.

Greek time is GMT plus two hours, or seven from the East Coast.
The electrical current is 220 volts. Appliances of lower voltage would require a transformer, but again it is recommended that appliances are checked for safety and plug requirements before use.

Greece uses the metric system of weights and measures. For those not familiar with the metric system, the following conversions are offered as a guide:
25 millimeters (mm) is approximately one inch
1 meter (m) is little more than a yard
1 kilometer (km) is approximately 5/8 of a mile
1 liter (lt) equals to ¾ pints
60 kilometers per hour is just over 35 miles per hour
25 degrees Celsius (C) = 77 degrees Fahrenheit

Supermarkets can be found on every island. Some small shops are often run as a family concern and stay open as late as 22.00 pm every day. You can find fresh fruits & vegetables, bread, dairy products, ice-creams, cool drinks, newspapers, etc.
There are banks and ATM machines in most of the islands. Credit cards are accepted at many restaurants and shops throughout Greece.

In all major islands you will find pharmacies and hospitals. In the smaller islands there is always a local doctor.

Water in Greece is safe to drink. However, bottled spring water is preferable which is available at supermarkets and restaurants.

There are many companies renting cars in Greece, driving is on the right. A valid driver's license from the country of origin and international permit are a must.

Renting scooters is a very good idea indeed if you want to move about quickly and independently. Be very careful. Wear protective clothing and always wear a helmet. Scooters can be rented with a valid ID.

No license for fishing is required so those interested in this sport can enjoy it.

Dangerous drugs, including marijuana are not permitted in Greece, visitors are subject to detention, court trial and severe penalties.

Greece Fact book a courtesy of the CIA 





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